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Test of Brunton 2 solar panel - English verson


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Eventyrsport (Adventuresport) in Hillerød asked me in relation to the upcoming tours during the summer, if I would test their solar panel / solar charger e.g. for my smart phone and camera. 

I have adit with me for the last 4 months using it frequently and with great satisfaction! A great function is that it is not just a solar panel. You can charge it prior to your adventures, having a fully chharged battery pack, that doesn't need recharging from the sun at first. Like having a spare container of gas in your back pocket. Charging it fully from a wall plug takes about 2 hrs.

Charging it only based on the sun differs: It is dependant on the amount of sun it can receive. So it depends on the season, drifting clouds/shade etc. I tried having it on my garden table and a full charging took about a day (app. 10 hrs). It can even charge if you put it inside the apsis/outer tent, which to me was a surprise!

The charged power can be transferrred to your smart phone/camera/PC etc. via a mini USB plug with 1000mA and 5V.

BUNTON claims that charging your cell phone with the fully charged Brunton panel is as quick as charging the same phone in a wall plug. I tried 3 times and timed it. It's true within a margin of less than 5 minutes. Impressive!

The solar panel is water repellent, not waterproof, which means you cannot charge it on the deck of your kayak. Unless you have it in a transperant waterproof bag. But I only used it on land.

When the dew sets in at night, or the constant moist that is inevitable when on a kayaking tour doesn't affect the panel at all. And the summer of 2011 in Denmark has been the most rainy within living meory!

Integrated battery, double solar panel, Polycrystaline solar technology, water repellent, robust rubber coating, rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, Auto shutdown, Capacity: 2,200 mAh,
output: Mini-USB

Vægt: 205 g.

Måler: 7,6 x 14,6 x 2,8 cm.

Dimensions / Weight: 76 x 146 x 2,8 mm, 205 g.

Price DKK. 799,00 (Oct. 2011)


If one needs charging of a smartphone or other electrical equipment when on an adventure, or just a small weekend trip, then I will surely recommend the Brunton 2 Solar panel. . It doesn't need as much sun light as anticipated. Works even in a tent, and fully charged it is coparable with the charging time of a wall plug. And teh fact that it is water repellent fits like hand in glove for us: the kayakers!

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