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Due to the Covid-19 situation, this year I have also chosen not to make "open" events but ........


Skærmbillede 2021 04 08 kl. 22.47.23


If there be a small "bubble" of people who want to make a private event, feel free to contact me so we can have a talk about specific wishes and opportunities.

You are of course always welcome to contact me for questions or special requests.


Self-rescue / buddy rescue:

Refreshing for intermediate/ or teaching new sea kayakers.

Self-rescue, how to get back in the kayak if you capsized.

Body rescue, how to help your body back in the kayak if capsized.

It will be in and on the water as practical learning.


Tour leader:

For future guides / leaders, and those who have gained some experience.

What considerations have you made, or should you make, before you become a leader.

What do you bring with you as a tour guide / leader ?

What is the overall purpose of the trip.

What is the most important thing for the trip.

Safety - when do we potentially have the greatest risks of accidents.

Give a messages to the group, and understanding of this massages in the group.

"Pocket" psychology, insight, understanding and psychological 1st aid on the water.

Understanding of the environment and potential changes.

Group composition.

Group dynamics.

Handling various unplanned situations.

Participant who does not follow the group ore the tour leader.

Strong and weak paddlers in a group.

We work with different scenarios.

Ongoing evaluation of the different situations.



For intermediate / begins.

Understanding the design of the kayak and how it helps us maneuver.

Combining strokes.

Maneuvering in a narrow space.

The difference between edging and leaning in the kayak.



This can be done both as a practical trip in the Swedish archipelago, or in Denmark, or as theoretical teaching.

Understanding maps and charts.

Use of different types of maps and charts

Calculation of distance and scale ratio

How to give your position

How to transfer what you see on the map to what you see on land, and vice versa.



Beginner / intermediate, or for more experienced sea kayakers who want to learn something new or get updated:

Reviewing different towing systems, and looking at pros and cons.

We are looking at different ways to tow a paddler who needs help.

We work with lines in full-length, half-length and contact towing.

We work with different ways to setup a tow.

We test different setups.

How best to use the resources in the group (material / towlines, as well as the people in the group).

It takes place with theory on the beach, then we go on water, with practical learning, on and in the water.

Ongoing evaluation between the different ways to set up a move.


Sea kayaking and good cooking on a kayak trip - easy to make:

For people who just like me want, more than dry food and canned food on a trip :-)

Cooking on a campfire.

Building bonfires for different kinds of cooking.

Cooking on burners.

How to maintain good kitchen hygiene.

What is important the food contains when you are on a trip.

Durability, as well as the order in which things should be eaten.

We cook based on what you can typically find at the local grocery store on the harbor / in a village.

For example, we could cook:


Bake meat in salty dough



Vegetable Casserole 

A little sweet for the evening around the campfire.


This does not contain foraging



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